Administrative Distance Problems with Redistribution

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Dear Friends
I wish u r all in very good health.I am confusing about a topic in redistribution and wish u could help me understanding it.

If we have 2 Domains and both run RIPV2 and OSPF , and their is 2 boundary routers and both perform mutual redistribution, suboptimal path may result and we can help this problem using distribution list

But how can we solve this problem using Administrative Distance?????

Thanks in advance


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    hi there,

    pls ask nicely to the webmaster to allow you to post the diagram :) -- so we can help you.

    but - before that, which protocol do the redistribution? RIP or OSPF?
    which protocol do the internal routing? (i think that should be RIP -- correct?) and the external (OSPF? this is rare for me -- unless you held a strong foundation -- the router, subnets, etc)? was it your intranet or connected via a public domain?

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    In the simplest case, you're going to prefer the redistributed OSPF routers over the RIP routes because of the lower Administrative Distance. If using the redistributed RIP routes over the redistributed OSPF routes would solve whatever that "suboptimal path" problem is, then you could use the distance command to change the AD for the external OSPF routes so that they would be "less preferred" than the redistributed RIP routes to the same destinations (but OSPF would still be preferred over RIP for the local domain routes).

    Are there 2 points of redistribution for each domain? Or one boundary router in each domain? With multiple points of redistribution, watch for routing loops and flapping routes.
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