I passed today.

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:D The second attempt was easy. I scored 876. I anticipated 900+.

There were loads of questions on CA, Kerberos, None from RADIUS & TACACS. Some tricky questions on CIA Triad, atleast 6 very tricky questions regarding Encryption algorithams, Some tricky questions on SSH, Two questions on Backup. and I got lot of questions on Virus, Tools, ATTACKS (DoS), IDS & VPN 2 on NAT, Port Numbers.

I used the Microsoft Press Security+ Certification Training Kit . (There is a splendid exam in this kit... helps a lot for the real exam). I suggest you to go through every link that is mentioned in this book. Highly informative.. (The RFC's in here are good for reference) I felt this is the best book available at the moment. :D

I am looking at SECUR next.
Best of luck guys.


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