Tracking calls with cisco voip

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HI, I am a network admin and our phones are cisco voip phones we have a T1 point to point line to another facility of ours up north and that is where I believe most of our voip equiptment is. We have A cisco 3600 router here that has a voice card installed in it. The problem is that we recently lost our admins up north that handled our voip and cisco equiptment and the place is on life support up there and all they really handle is programming new terminals.

This leads me to my question.

We have several paging exstentions one for each plant and we are having a problem with people playing vulgarity and such over the Pa's. I would like to know if there is any way that we can track this, since some of our terminals are 7960 and just a few older terminals that do not contain a history, plus once you unplug the Cat5 from the terminal it reboots and all history is lost.

Thanks in advance


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    You can try this on a 3600....
    show call history voice
    To display the call history table for voice calls, use the show call history voice command in user EXEC or privileged EXEC mode.
    show call history voice [brief [id identifier] | compact [duration {less seconds | more seconds }]
    | id identifier | last number | redirect {rtpvt | tbct}]

    If you have a CallManager Server somewhere, then you may have call detail records stored there you can check.
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    Like mikej412 said, if you have a Callmanager server running you can search CDR (call Detail Records) using the CDR Anaylsis and Reporting plugin, or do a direct querey on the Callmanager ART database using SQL.
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