passed 294 with an 920

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Lot of Active Directory questions!! icon_wink.gif

Seriously, 3 sims, very simple I thought, but more about that later. Lots of Forest/domain structure. Lots of Group Policy, configuring user and computer settings with GPOs, Group policy troubleshooting, I can't remember it all. Pretty straight forward with the objectives.

Some one asked earlier is this was the easiest. I think it has been for me, and probably is for most folks who work with AD every day. So the sims shouldn't be hard for any one who uses AD or can at least practice with it in a Lab (though there is no substitute for real world experience).

To be honest, I am disappointed with my score, because I THOUGHT I got every question right, but I think I know what I missed after getting back to my desk. Still... 920 is pretty bitchin'!

I used the MS press Adminitstrator's Companion and Transcender quizzes, which, I thought helped more for this exam than the ones for 290, 291 or 293.

On to 298 and 299 to wrap it all together into one big fattie of an MCSE:Security!!!!

I'm not real sure what I am going to use to study for those yet. Any suggestions??

thanks and good luck to whoevers "got next."
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