passed today

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hi guys,

I passed the 607 this morn and glad it's over!!~!

My resources were of course Techexams an excellent site and Ive seen a few.
Cisco press interconnecting Cisco network devices
Todd lammle CCNA study Guide with the simulator
CCNA -4-dummies
and too many transcenders to mention
I also had a makeshift lab with a 3640 and a 1900 series router and 3 2950 series switches

after all that I only scored an 885. I didn't even finish the exam when the time ran out for christ sake!

the simms were sloooooow but they didn't give me any problem.
BE A SUBNET MASTER!!!! before you even think about taking the exam

I would suggest to anyone who cannot finance a lab to get routersim 4.0 by of course Todd lammle and others. it was a great reference tool
TechExams and Celtic rover are about the best two sites that I have come across so cheers to the moderator for his excellent upkeep

I'll see you guys in the CCDA room
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