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I have several questions, about the "exam experience", but not related to the study material:

1) the current Net+ exam allows you to "mark" (skip) questions and return to them later, correct?

2) if you CAN return to questions, can you go back a question at a time (like skip back two questions by hitting "Previous" or something, or can you only review all of the marked questions when you reach the end of the exam?

3) Are there questions that may require multiple answers, and if so, will they always tell you how many answers they need? (In other words, are there any "Check all that apply" types of questions?)

4) Lastly, I know there are exhibit-based questions, but are there any questions where you need to type in commands (as opposed to multiple-choice), or have to drive a simulation?

Thanks, folks!!



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    Welcome to the forum,

    1) yes you can "review" a question later on.

    2) you can go back and forth even if you dont "mark" a question, there's a final confirmation at the end which will prevent further changes, and your score is calculated at this point.

    3) I dont believe I or any other exam takers can answer this, basically you should be able to understand what is being asked. They're not meant to trick people.

    4) No sims in network+
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    Cool - thanks for the info!!

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