Windows Vista Exams and Certifications

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Vista certifications and exams:

icon_arrow.gifMCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration
Requires you to pass the following exam:
- 70-620 - Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring

icon_arrow.gifMCITP: Enterprise Support Technician
Requires you to pass the following exam:
- 70-622 - Microsoft Desktop Support - Enterprise
- MCTS prerequisite

Those who hold an MCDST certification can use the 70-621 Upgrading your MCDST Certification to MCITP Enterprise Support exam to, as the title says, upgrade your MCSDT to MCITP Enterprise Support by passing a single exam.

icon_arrow.gif MCITP: Consumer Support Technician
Requires you to pass the following exam:
- 70-623 - Microsoft Desktop Support - CONSUMER
- MCTS prerequisite

Another Vista-related cert:
icon_arrow.gifMCTS: Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office System Desktops, Deploying and Maintaining
Requires you to pass the following exam:
- 70-624 - Deploying and Maintaining Windows Vista Client and 2007 Microsoft Office System Desktops

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- Windows Vista Virtual Labs

- Introducing Microsoft Windows Vista (free sample chapter)

- Available Classroom training for Windows Vista Exams

- 2007 Microsoft Office System – Learning Portal


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    As some of you may have noticed, I renamed this forum to accomodate for more Vista exams than just the 71-620 beta. Hopefully within a couple of months we'll have the ability to create sub/child forums, which means I will create separate forums for each Vista exam within this forum. Around the same time I'll also start adding related TechNotes and practice exams.
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    There has been an update to the policy concerning the 70-621 upgrade exam. From Trika's blog:
    Get Rich Quick Scheme for MCDSTs
    Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians (MCDSTs) can use 70-621 (upgrade exam for MCDSTs) as credit for certs that ask for 70-620. A quick recap of events to date:

    Originally we said exam 70-621 could not be used to fulfill requirements that asked for 70-620*.
    Many of you politely pointed out that, in this case, the policy doesn't make great sense**.
    Cert team reevaluated based on your feedback; we will accept*** 70-621 for certifications that list 70-620 as an elective or requirement.
    I think that is good news for 34,243 of you. Don't forget you can use the MCDST 40% discount on 621.

    Your friend,


    * For example: MCSE on Windows Server 2003 or MCSA on Windows Server 2000 or the yet-to-be-released MCITP: Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008.

    ** When you pass 70-621 you earn MCITP: Enterprise Support and MCTS: Vista. Passing 70-620 earns MCTS: Vista. By transitive property (?) we could equate the skill sets demonstrated by 70-621 and 70-620.

    *** This will apply retroactively, whenever we get all of our rules and systems up to date. We still need to analyze what this means to all of the related decision trees and business rules (and your transcripts), make updates to online requirements and info, and get our Regional Service Centers up to date in order for this to be all formalized and officialized. It will take a while to get all of the bits checked off, but I know many of you are wondering about this--we wanted to give you a heads up to help your planning. Thank you for your good points and questions; it helps us make better decisions.

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