Security+ after CCNA, good idea?

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Hi, i just got my CCNA a month ago. I'm going to start my MCSE in january with a friend but before the end of the year i'd like to get another cert. Is Secutiry+ a good idea? If i know good, it counts as a Elective exam for MCSE. And compare to CCNA, is it harder or easier? Thanks :)


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    It really depends on your knowledge base as to whether it is harder or easier than CCNA. Sec+ is an elective for MCSA/MCSE + Security - which requires 2 extra exams over the MCSA/MCSE.
    A+ and Net+ are electives for MCSA and not MCSE.
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    I agree with RussS. I do think it is 'easier' to prepare for the Security+ exam, mainly because for the CCNA exam you have to learn skills in addition to theory. Although there is much more good material, including free stuff, for the CCNA exam than for Sec+... but we are working on that icon_lol.gif

    Cisco questions are much more straight-forward than CompTIA question, especially when it comes to Sec+, but the heavy weight sims in the CCNA exam seem to be hard for many people. For Cisco questions there is always (sure, there are exceptions) a definit correct answer available at for CompTIA questions the likely correct answer can be found at :D
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    icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif @ Webmaster

    Too bad its the truth though.
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    Snap icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Maybe WE do not know for 100% the definitive answers to those twisted questions, but the books endorsed by CompTIA must have a fair degree of exactitude, no?

    I found the QUE books on A+ and Network+ to be very comprehensive, and they are backed up by CramSession and CompTIA.

    Does it mean something? To bad they don't have a Security+ book out.... I settled for the All in One by Greg.White and the Syngress book. Hopefully I'll be alright, but I think I might've bought the sybex book if I had (did) know better.

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