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Been a while since I have been on this board ;p

I have a friend who will be traveling to a different state and wants to know if it will be his responsibility for air fare or does the company usually pay?

I thought it was really up to the company/school or who ever was interviewing - however what is the best way of finding out? Ask the HR dept, or person who will be interviewing?



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    When my wife got a job interview half way across the country, she first did a phone interview. Then they wanted her to come down. She spoke to the manager that she interviewed with and asked if they would cover air fare, too which they said no. She then asked what her potential was in getting the job. He told her that, unofficially, the job was hers. But she still had to do a face to face interview. So we paid for a ticket and she went. That was over 2 years ago and she is still in the same job and loves it. I guess what I am saying is that asking never hurt. But don't be surprised if they say no. You have to be up front and even ask if you are in the running. If they come back with a "we have 20 more people to interview", then you might want to think on it.

    That's my 2c
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    I thought that might be the case - great info - I will pass along - thanks!
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    I've only had to fly for 1 interview, I live in Illinois and a company flew me to New Orleans to interview at their corporate office after interviewing locally.

    The company covered all costs and made all arrangements... I had a "driver" that picked me up in a nice Lincoln towncar, was a fun experience... I didn't take teh job however lol.
    Dustin Leefers
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    Nice one leef - must of been nice though :P

    It comes down to company preference I think - some will and some will not!

    Thanks guys
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    I flew from Arizona to Florida for a job interview at my own expense. It was a $900 (with hotel and rental car) trip back in 95. No promises at all, but I got the job. They told me later how much it impressed them that I went to the trouble and expense. As I was retiring from the U S Air Force without too many other prospects, I would say that might have been the best $900 I ever spent.

    Not every story is going to be so rosey. So, like most things in life, it all boils down to: How bad do you want it?

    Good luck
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