CCNA - Forgetting it for now.....

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Well, as I mentioned on other threads, I'm kinda looking at other job possibilities, such as stock broker assistant or financial planner assistant, something completely and totally different, although i still have my 4 year IT degree which is nice :)

Anyway, I had my CCNA scheduled for November 10th, but I'm forgetting about it for now. I did a bit of an experiment and called and wrote approx 60 employers in the country which had networking jobs out on the job boards and mentioned that I had no prior networking experienced, just a few classes, and I asked them if it would make a difference if I got my CCNA certifcation even though I had no experience, and although I only got responses back from about 20 of them. Only 1 employer out of all of those said that it "may" make a difference. ALL of the other ones said it wouldn't make a hill of beans difference for me and that they were all looking for prior experience not certs. Anyway, I know that others on this board have mentioned that, but I guess I just had to prove it to myself.... Although I didn't ask any of them if it would make a difference if I had the experience and the CCNA, I imagine it would.

Anyway, with that in mind, I'm just going to forget about CCNA for now. Since my top priority is to get a job(before my unemployment runs out), CCNA should be the last thing on my mind, since as these employers were telling me, it wouldn't make a hill of beans difference. Soooo, at least now instead of spending 6 hours per day studying for the exam, I'm going to spend those 6 hours looking for a job. I've already had a few good leads and interested employers, but most of them aren't IT....It's quite amazing when you sit down at your computer and go through the search engines in every possible area you can, just how many opportunities you can find out there, and many are willing to train, BUT you have to be willing to step out of the IT technical field, so you have to make sure that it's something you really want to do before making that change. For all of you discouraged folks looking any job, there are PLENTY of Non IT jobs out there. You just have to creative in your search, and be willing to explore other possibilities. Another thing is when you write your cover letter, be very creative and flexible in the wording that you use...Make sure that they know that they would be getting someone really special if they were to hire you(of course make it more subtle then that :) ). It's a total numbers game. Send your resume EVERYWHERE....Also make sure to tone down your resume for jobs which are outside of the IT sector(that's what takes alot of the time). I have about 20 different versions now of my resume now, each for a different field but still entry level. All my experiences is in Mainframe production support, so I also apply for those jobs as well. Of course don't just apply for ANYTHING. Make sure it's something you WANT, don't sound desperate. I've been offered about 3 jobs over the last month, and although the pay was fine, it is something that I knew I would totally hate, so I turned them down.

As far as taking CCNA in the future. Well, if I happen to land a job and a networking position comes up within that company, and I want to explore it, and they are willing to hire and train me, then I'll probably go for the cert then. ...My CCNA instructor that I had told me that I can still pass the new CCNA exam with my prior CCNA knowledge. I just may neet to study another topic or two. It just makes no sense to spend the money to get the certification now, hoping that if I did that it would increase my chances for landing a job..That's just NOT going to happen without some type of prior networking experience.... Boy oh boy, it would sure be good to have those days back :)....Most of the people on this forum seem to already have some type of networking experience though, and for all of you people, I'd say, keep at it!!!!!!!!


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    Good luck.

    2020 Goals: 0 of 2 courses complete, 0 of 2 exams complete
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    Thanks and you too icon_wink.gif
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    Are you dumping your networking plans altogether, or was it oracle. Perhaps are you just not made of the right stuff.

    Perhaps you could take a course in human resources and then do a course in creative writing and become an author. Then once you can do that perhaps take a course in advanced driving because the writing field is dry. Then you could take a course in religious studies and then take a course in politics and then another course in speed typing.

    I think you need direction......

    You have no idea what your doing or where to go....

    Find something stick with it - It will be hard to find a job in that area for a while but there is ways of trying to find the suitable experience.
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    actually, I do have plenty of passion and direction. It's just that I need to learn to made a living not just do what I'm passionate about. My passion has and always will be stock trading, so I'm trying to work with a friend to get on as a Broker. It looks like I'll be able to do it. He makes really good money at it and he loves it. I guess it's like they say, you have to love what you do in order to be really good at it. The good news is that I made just under 6 grand the last two days through 4 stock trades I made, so I'm a happy camper :). Phewww, it sure makes up for unemployment. :)....I know I can do this for a living as I've already proven I can, I just need more capital to start with, so I'm trying to find a good job to work in the meantime... Although I'm pretty good with networking, I don't share the same passion for it as others do on here...You guys are awesome and I wish you the best and know you will do well!!!!!
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    I've read a couple of your postings and I do want to say GOOD LUCK with everything. However, going to school and obtaining a 4 year degree and being that close to a CCNA and throwing it all away seems like a waste to me! I only have an AA and my A+ and I landed a job! They are out there. Granted, it took me over a year to find a job, but it has finally paid off.
    While I am gaining that experience, I am trying to obtain new certs and make myself more valuable in the future. I say go for that CCNA since you have come this far. If nothing pans out, study for your CCDP, or MCSE
    just my 2 cents
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    Thanx for your comments, but I'm not completely forgetting CCNA all together, just putting my priorities in straight. It takes so many hours a day to study for CCNA when I should be spending those same hours during the day looking for a job, so that's the number one reason. Once I get a job, I can always take it afterwords. I think the certification you got was more valuable. Cisco CCNA is more specific and unless you find a job where you are configuring routers, subnetting etc, it's not really going to help ya much. Someone mentioned that on here a couple of months ago and it makes sense...... Anyway, like I said, it's just a matter of priorities now and I've been out of work too long and a job is more important that a certification....
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    man, with all respect, all of what you said applies to you only!
    I believe the world is the way you see it!
    I mean, I am about to graduate from michigan and I already have 3 jobs landed in front of me..maybe because of the potential my employers can see in me or maybe because I am more skilled than others who are at my age or such.

    I mean there is always in need for people like us, and of course they are going to choose the best out there, and with the current economy that makes it more competitive out there.. So for you to be on the top of the chart.. you gotta be competitive...
    you can be competitive in many different ways.... certifications, knowledge, skills, attitude, and the way you sell yourself in the market!

    For example, this what I do to sell myself, I make sure that I am the best student in my major field in school.. Thus, I worked hard to become president of Association of IT professionals chapter in my school, then I applied to become Microsoft student ambassador... and right now I am currently working in my certification..and my exam is on Monday, and guess what? I am going to make it because I need to make it and I believe I CAN MAKE IT!

    And after that, I am going to head for CCNP! and I have another exam on January for my 2nd exam MS 210.

    AND SO ON! try to be different! thats the keyword...
    you are who you are!

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    Not too sure why some people are mis-reading my post, but they are. As I said in my post, I KNOW that the people, such as you kicker22 will do fine, because I can tell the passion you have for what you do. It's one thing being good at it and knowing it well(like me) and also feeing an incredible and amazing passion for it(like alot of others on here)...Heck, I was fine in school as well. I graduated with 4.0(just barely) and with honors. I'm a warrior when it comes to school. : ). I'm just relating MY experience.....I'm an old fart compared to alot of you guys on here(I'm 3icon_cool.gif, and so not only do I have age against me, but I have zero experience in networking, NADA! As they say, how do you get experience if nobody will give it to you?? Heck, even the PC Tech jobs I've finding require experience..... Anyway, not knocking the CCNA in the least bit, just saying it's not for me AT THIS TIME for the reasons I stated....I honestly believe that people are guided in certain directions for certain reasons, and I've been guided away from networking, and so far in life, every time I've been guided away from something, it was because something better was aroung the corner.......
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    I guess I must have read your post inproperly. It just really seems like you are putting your CCNA off becuase you don't have a job. I know a job is VERY important. But I will tell you, I did the same thing you are doing right now. I decided that any job was more important than a computer job or any certification. I WAS WRONG. first, I was happy working at starbucks, but it wasn't a life long goal! And second, I have a passion for the IT Industry. It only took a short kick in my rear to realize that I had started down a path I didn't want to be on. I too have a degree and had no offers from any employers. DEPRESSING! So I forced myself to crack open that A+ book again. I realize its entry level, but everyone has to start somewhere. Durning my breaks and lunches and was reading. To be honest, I really don't know what happened next. I mean I wasn't past chapter 5 in the book and I got a call for an interview. Right then and there my confidence trippled! I did pass my A+ and working on Net+. But with all that, I got "lucky" and am gaining experience in my position every day. I guess im just trying to say that if you really do want to work in the IT field, don't give up!!!! If you put it off, how long will it take for you to open that book again? How much will change in that time? I really do believe that staying current with the technology and reading as much as you can is the key to success!
    Again, I do understand where you are comming from. And it may only be my opinion but I just dont' agree. However, I do wish you the best of luck! If you walk away from the IT field and persue broader horizons, at least you will know how to run your own network within your home right?
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