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Dear friends

After completing my ccnp i have finally decided to go for the most prestigious IT certification i.e CCIE now , so i plan to appear for ccie written in September this year ,

So request to all the grand masters there any advice where to start from currently studyin ( TCP/IP Vol1 and Vol II)

anynody here from india can help me getting the lab also as any kinda cisco router here is very expensive which require my annua salary icon_eek.gif LOL

so guys wish me luck am waitin for your replies


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    Welcome to the CCIE Forum! :D

    Check out the links on the CCIE Routing & Switching page

    If you haven't already gone through the Cisco CCIE Exam Information page, now would be a good time. You'll find the links to the different tracks, the lab locations, lab payment information, etc. You can follow the CCIE Case Studies link to get an idea what some other people went through (and are going through) in their Quest for the CCIE. icon_eek.gif Just remember, those are the stories with happy endings, or stories still in progress.

    The Doyle books are a good place to start, along with the Clark/Hamilton Cisco LAN Switching book. After those books, you may just want to compare the R&S Book List with the CCIE R&S Written Exam blueprint.... and try and figure out what you need to read.

    I thought the CCIE Routing and Switching Official Exam Certification Guide, Second Edition (Geier, Mehta, Odom, ISBN# 1587201410) was worth the money for review before attempting the Written Exam, and should also be a good guide while you decide what else from the R&S Book list to read.

    If you check out the CCIE Forum you'll find Darby has done some Epic Posts of his CCIE Quest -- you may get some study ideas/tips from reading those.

    I've collected some Dynamips/Dynagen links here. That should help with the home lab issue.
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    I'm new too... and instead of another introduction, I'll just hijack this one ;) Thanks for the links... I'm glad I found this forum - seems to have a better community than some of the others.

    I'm a CCNP (recent bootcamp with American Interactive - excellent teachers there). I'm starting study toward the CCIE ... waiting for my amazon order of CCIE Routing and Switching Official Exam Certification Guide (2nd Edition) (and reading it on Safari already). I can tell there's a lot left to learn even though I'm already pretty experienced with Cisco Routers.

    The only one problem is with work - my job doesn't really favor any certifications (even the CCIE). A master's degree or PhD gets you far, but certs do practically nothing. They're also not paid for, so any test fees (etc) are coming out of pocket (they do pay for training every so often -- hence my CCNP).

    This puts me in the position of: is it worth getting my CCIE (other than for my personal goal)? Is it worth starting a consulting business with one CCIE and one (or two) individual(s)?
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    Welcome to the gang icon_lol.gif
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