Please Help with Qos

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Good day !!!
I have such problem, i want to distribute traffic between different users on my network, the scenario is like this ...
lets say i have 2 users USER1 & USER2, USER1 has bandwidth 64 & USER2 has bandwidth 64, i want to take them in one group and when USER1 is not working USER2 can be able to take bandwidth of USER1 and on the contrari, but when both users are working they must take there CIR 64, here is my config that dont work maybe Good People will help me and correct my errors ?????

class-map match-any acl_1
match access-group 1

class-map match-any acl_2
match access-group 2

class-map match-any all_acl
match access-group 1
match access-group 2

policy-map bandwidth
class acl_1
bandsidth 64
class acl_2
bandwidth 64

policy-map shape
class all_acl
shape average 140000
service-policy bandwidth

interface ethernet 0/0.10
ip cef
service-out shape

This config works but, problem is that the pings are high more than
1500 >, and when one user downloads one file and at the same time begins to doenload the second the speed for second download is too low, and third download dosn`t begins at all. To say in one work it is not STABIL... PLEASE HELP IF CAN !!!
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