OMG I cant believe I (f word)...

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OMG I can't believe I feel so good. Got the test done in one sit. Lowest score to date on any cert test, but 820 is alright. Now on to security +.
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  • FPapiSalOCFPapiSalOC Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats I am going to sit for the test in just over 4 hours at 1pm central time
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    Congrats and good luck with Security+!
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    Hey, 800+ isn't too shabby for this test. Security+ was more of an endeavor that I was expecting; it goes off on a lot of other topics that I had no experience with, such as writing corporate security/privacy policies. Download the ebook from for $9. I also used CBT Nuggets and Transcender practice exams.
  • deneb829deneb829 Member Posts: 292
    Congrats! That's a great score for that test!
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    Congrats on the pass - and good score! icon_cool.gif

    Good luck with Sec+
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  • APAAPA Member Posts: 959
    Congratulations.... Nice score as well :D

    Sitting 291 on April 19th..... so two days away now!!!! icon_eek.gif

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    I have a few weeks before mine (beginning of june) and just finished 290. had a real shock when i started reading htis book after the first two, as it was pretty much all new stuff! got my head well and truly buried this time round, no cruising lol
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    Up Next : Not sure :o
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