Failed again w/a 675 on 70-272

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Just when I thought I was gonna get over "the hump", I ran into another brick wall once again and only made a 675 on the 70-272 exam. I am starting to think that a dead man has a better chance of passing this exam than I do!!!

Did use the MS Press book and ExamCram. Was even hitting in the 90s on the practice tests that came w/the MS Press book. Even did some reading of the Windows XP Inside Out: Deluxe Edition book.

Even used all but three minutes of the allotted time on the exam. With my luck, I probably changed an answer or two I should not have changed, thus, my score falling short of 700.

All the questions were multiple choice except for one. I do not do well on multiple choice tests. I remember back when I was in college, a psychology instructor tried to get me to take an all essay exam because I did better on essays than multiple choice questions. But, I did not chose the all essay route since I did not want any special treatment. Thus, I worked much harder and still pulled an 'A' out of the class.

Of course, I am definitely NOT expecting any special treatment when it comes to these Microsoft exams. I think I do better with more hands on simulations than multiple choice. I just need to do more hands on work w/IE, OE, and Office. Of course, I don't think you can ever do too much hands on practice getting ready for these types of exams. Unfortunately at work, I am stuck using Office 2000 instead of Office XP or Office 2003. And, since I work for a municipal government, I'm definitely not holding my breath waiting for any changes. However, I do have access to Windows XP at work and home, and I do have Office 2003 at home.

Did much better on the "Configuring Application Security" part of the exam, but I did worse on the "Configuring and Troubleshooting Applications" questions. I'm still not doing well with the "Resolving Issues Related to Application Customization" questions.

I definitely need to do more hands on practice, but I am feeling that maybe I need a third study guide to help push me over "the hump." I'm just wondering which one will do the trick. Sybex? Transcender (very expensive)? SelfTest Software? Anyone else? I definitely want to pass the exam on the third try. After all, some folks say the third time is the charm. I just need that "extra something" to get me over "the hump". Will take a short break from studying in order to regroup.


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    Sorry to hear that, but don't give up

    You'll get it next time for sure


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    When you take multiple choice tests you might want to try (if you haven't already) the following:

    Try and answer the question without looking at any of the answers. If you already have the answer in your head before looking at the choices, you may find that they match.

    Eliminate the answers that you know are wrong. My understanding is that there is almost always 2 (of 4 answers) that are usually completely wrong. By eliminating the answers that you KNOW are wrong, you increase your chances of choosing the right answer.

    If you're not sure, stick with your first answer. I have gone back and changed answers on exams that I was pretty sure I missed, but if I am not pretty sure, I'll just leave the original answer.

    Hope this helps some.
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