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I have a phone interview for technician tomorrow. This is my first. Any tips on what to say or remember?


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    That's a pretty good article. One thing I can't stress enough, is to know about the company! When I was interviewing for my current employer, I had a copy of my resume, did a lot of research for things to do in an interview, researched the company, etc... When I say research, I knew about how many employees there were, what their goals were, what type of culture there was, exactly what services they offered, etc... They were quite happy when they saw that I knew a lot about their company already and how I could fit into their culture and what I could offer for them.

    One more thing I'd like to mention. It's imperative that you have a positive outlook on things. They will probably ask you why you are no longer at your previous employer. Even if something bad happened, turn it into something positive. For example, my last company laid me off because they thought they would have the resources available to train me, but did not. I did learn a ton while I was there though, but they couldn't keep training me and lose hours being billable because they were going bankrupt. So when I talked to the interviewer, I told them that my previous employer was suffering financially and had to let me go. I then said something to the effect that I can't thank that company enough because it provided me a way to learn more and on a consistent basis and that I could help people while I was there.

    Good luck to you on your interview, and let us know how it goes!
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    This is more of a personal preference, but dressing as if it was an in-person interview may help you exude confidence and feel better about yourself which may translate into a more relaxing interview experience.
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    In the phone interview that I had they cover two major things.

    Situational Questions: E.g. What would you do when the project deadline is coming and the project is not finish yet.

    Job Position Questions: E.g. How much do you expect this position to pay?
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