Best website for CCIE training?

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NLI or CCbootcamp has been around forever and has quality material. is newer but seems to have to great material as well.

So which sites do you prefer for CCIE prep?

I want to use the workbooks and online rack rental time, so this is what I'm looking for specifically.

Who has the best workbooks?



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    Here's one of Darby's relevant post appropriately named "Where to Start CCIE Studies..."
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    Which CCIE track are you looking at? Most vendors offer an R&S Workbook.... and then other products (Bootcamps, Video Classes, Technology Labs, Core Labs, rack rental, etc) vary by vendor. Once you get off the beaten R&S Track trail, your options start to decrease.

    You also have to decide what's the most important to you -- Good? Fast? Cheap? Fast might not be good, and it definitely won't be cheap.

    Right now InternetworkExpert probably has the cheapest "end-to-end" solution.... and it's probably also pretty good.

    For Technology Labs, I'd say NLIs Soup to Nuts is the best... but at $700 its far from cheap.... espcially since IPExpert includes their Technology Labs with their Workbook/Proctor Guide Solution, and InternetworkExpert includes an electronic version of theirs with their R&S Workbook.

    The newest CCIE craze seems to be offering "remote online evening programs" spread out over a few months.... it should be fun to see how effective those are.
    Gosh, I'm going to have to start referencing my own posts, I did start looking some up for some tips.
    That was a good post... buy you should edit the long urls to use descriptive labels :D
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    What I'm looking for is the cheapest, most comprehensive workbooks which cover the latest topics and have CCIE candidates that used them with success.

    I figure I can get rack time from another provider if necessary.

    I'm trying to go the cheapest but most effective route. I don't want to buy unnecessary equipment or training materials. I consider myself a pretty sharp dude who can succeed with limited resources, but they have to be good resources, because everyone knows the CCIE is virtually impossible without the proper training.

    My background...CCNA in 2001, many moons ago. Starting back up with Cisco technologies. I was familiar with and ccbootcamp because they were around back when I studied for CCNP(which I completed 3 or 4 tests, never took the last one because I was too busy with other things and I was young and immature).

    I want to get the CCIE R&S and Voice if all things work out well. I think Voice would be a great thing to get considering the current demand.

    I'm going to get my CCNP in the next 4 months and then move onto CCIE. I'm just jumping to the gun a little and getting a big picture of whats out there for CCIE's nowadays.

    Thank you
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