IOS cmd "bandwidth inherit" on GRE tunnel

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I am trying to get a better understanding of this command. Please correct me if I am wrong or going in the wrong direction. Say I config a gre tunnel. Then I just type in "bandwidth inherit". Will that tunnel inherit the bandwidth of the source I gave that tunnel?(Exmple a Fast Ethernet INterface)

Or say, I just type bandwidth "inherit 100000". Will that allow a maximum of around a 100megabits of bandwith for that tunnel?

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    Before the introduction of the bandwidth inherit command option, when the bandwidth value was changed on the main interface, existing subinterfaces did not inherit the bandwidth value from the main interface. If the subinterface was created before the bandwidth was changed on the main interface, then the subinterface would receive the default bandwidth of the main interface, not the configured bandwidth. Additionally, if the router was subsequently reloaded, the bandwidth of the subinterface would then change to the bandwidth configured on the main interface.

    The bandwidth inherit command controls how a subinterface inherits the bandwidth of its main interface. This functionality eliminates the inconsistencies related to whether or not the router has been reloaded and what the order was in entering the commands.

    The no bandwidth inherit command enables all subinterfaces to inherit the default bandwidth of the main interface, regardless of the configured bandwidth. If a bandwidth is not configured on a subinterface, and you use the bandwidth inherit command, all subinterfaces will inherit the current bandwidth of the main interface. If you configure a new bandwidth on the main interface, all subinterfaces will use this new value.

    If you do not configure a bandwidth on the subinterface and you configure the bandwidth inherit kbps command on the main interface, the subinterfaces will inherit the specified bandwidth.

    In all cases, if an interface has an explicit bandwidth setting configured, then that interface will use that setting, regardless of whether or not the bandwidth inheritance setting is in effect.
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    Now that I have a better understanding of that. I can honestly say I felt my brain get a little bigger after I read that. :)

    Thanks for your reply dude!
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