2 months of experience - put it on resume?

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I worked as a junior network administrator for two months when I was laid off for not having enough experience. That was a little over a month ago. I didn't add it to my resume for obvious reasons. I've been looking for another job since then without any luck.

The thing is, those two months are the only real IT experience I have. (I'm attempting to switch careers.) Also the guy that laid me off said that he would be willing to give me a reference. And I did learn a lot in the two months.

So my question is: should I put this job on my resume? icon_confused.gif


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    KGhaleonKGhaleon Member Posts: 1,346 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Sure, why not. You could use better wording for why you were laid off though.
    I've got a cabling job on my resume, despite it only being a little one-two month deal.

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    boyles23boyles23 Member Posts: 130
    I would put the experience on there because it won't hurt you, just come up with a good explanation of why you were let go as KG said. I would get that reference to, if it is a good one.
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    malcyboodmalcybood Member Posts: 900 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Having any experience and a reference from that job will only benefit you so yeah add it on.

    Just make sure you don't "bend the truth" too much.......remember a potential employer may want to talk to your previous employer and if you tell them lies you'll get found out.

    Just say you weren't qualified enough for the job as they were looking for x and presently you have the skills/exp to cover y, but are willing to learn

    honesty is the best policy which includes putting all relevant experience on your CV

    Good luck icon_cool.gif
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,050 Admin
    Go ahead an put it on. In the future, when you get some real meat on your resume, you can drop it.
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    SlowhandSlowhand Mod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    JDMurray wrote:
    Go ahead an put it on. In the future, when you get some real meat on your resume, you can drop it.

    Exactly what I was going to say. No experience is bad experience, but you can have better experience.

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    markzabmarkzab Member Posts: 619
    You could always mention that is a was a contract position as well.

    I remember I used to do small 1-2 month jobs and I'd put them all on my resume. It was around the time of Y2K so you can imagine how many companies needed jobs done around then because of the scare.

    Put it on, but don't embelish the truth.
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    garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
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    MQuinn6MQuinn6 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to add it on to my resume.
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