N10-002 vs. N10-003

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I received my A= certification a year ago. I was intending on securing a Network+ immediately after but my A+ instructor urged me to skip that & go for my CCNA. Soon after the A+ I landed a(nother) testing job. Not what I wanted, but hardware oriented & it was much better than the job I currently had... not only for the 40% pay raise.

I'm currently studying for the MCDST but plan on getting my Network+ after that. The study materials I have for the Network+ are predominantly for the N1--002. How much difference is there between the two exams? IIRC, the 002 didn't cover wireless or VoIP much. Is there a significant increase in this material; will I end up replacing ALL my current study materials? I have some Exan Cram books, Meyers All-In-One (2004 3rd Edition) & the Network+ 2005 In Depth by Tamara Dean. I'm not finding a newer edition of the Meyers book & the 2005 doesn't appear to be version specific. Thnx.
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    MCDST, Network+, and CCNA all have their slightly different focus, but I think the three form a good foundation in networking systems. Personally I've chosen to place CCNA at the end because it's probably the steepest curve to climb, especially for myself and with my background.

    002 and 003 are very different, check out the technotes here for a starter reading list, and you can also pick up another book or two for a more comprehensive knowledge base.


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