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Ok, I'm halfway through my MCSA exams, got 270 and 290 under my belt, and getting ready for 291. I have been workin gin IT for about a year now (Complete change of careers, a long story lol) and when I sat and looked at the exam route, it seemed the logical step; 270, 290, 291, then specialisation (for me security).

Loads of people have been on the forums saying they got curveballed by the WSUS Q's, but I was wondering, did most people bypass 290, because if you work through the objectives there you will have done loads on WSUS. I implemented it on our three networks (20, 10 and 150 clients on each one) and found it
a)excellent revision and practice for my exam and
b)a really useful bit of kit.

I have to say, when I saw that there were loads of Q's popping up on 291 i rubbed my hands together, having installed and administered it for the last month or two I see these as (relatively) easy points :)

I know a few people have bemoaned some of the topics you cover on these exams becasue you will never use them in your workplace, but at the end of the day you are being tested on Microsoft technolgies, and not just the ones in your workplace, but all of them; don't forget that when you move to your next job after qualifying and being headhunted for that dream salary (keep dreaming lol) they might be using completely different methods :)


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    Although I have yet to start on the MCSE track, I feel ya. I too have seen a lot of posts about people having problems with WSUS on the exam. I got to install and configure it on one of our remote offices and learned a lot. Before then I didn't know about the product. But, like you said, follow the objectives and you should be good. You can't get better experience than hands on experience...and it's a really great tool.
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