Copies of OS's for Studying

KelvinKelvin Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hey, I was just wondering where everyone got copies of the various OS's to study with. I have a copy of win98 and win2k for my 2 computers, and my wife's laptop has winME installed on it, however we don't have an install CD for it, just the sony vaio recovery cd's.

I'm planning on picking up an old system right away to start my studies on and i'd like to practice installing the various OS's. Is there such a thing as a trial version of XP/ME that I could use and where could I possibly find copies of win3.1 and the various versions of DOS.

Let me know where you found your study copies, and maybe I can find similar resources around here.

If you had to buy all of them, then i'll just have to try and learn all I can from what I already own and the text, since i'm on a really tight budget for my studies (but then again, who isn't).


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