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Guys, I'm thinking of buying Chris Bryant's CCNP study packages and his training videos with Trainsignal. Judging from the reviews, user comments and looking at the study packages themselves they look really good with 3 days remote access to his remote labs included. How good are Chris Bryant's CCNP study packages.? Anyone had any experience with them?

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    Don't even bother. Get the books and pass the tests. Anything more would be uncivilized.... icon_wink.gif
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    I don't know about the "study package", but the new BSCI Trainsignal video that just came out is great. This is the first time I actually used CBT training to help me with certifications, but the CCNP does take you to a higher level of learning, and I wanted some type of classroom instruction, virtual or otherwise. In any regard, I recommend his teachings in the Trainsignal video. I think it is well worth it, and I am planning to get the other three after I pass the BSCI.
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    I bought the BCSI study package. None of the other ones are updated yet for the new CCNP. The updated BSMCN will be available by the end of this month.

    I was hesitant at buying it. His site looks like an infomercial. Alot of people were saying it was good for the CCNA. And anyway, there just isn't much out right now for the new tests, so I decided to ive it a try.

    I am really impressed with his writing style, layout of the material, attitude, even the text size makes it really readable when you print it out. Some people say they have passed by just reading his study guide and going through his lab guide with high scores like 950. I am not that brave to test it out for myself, I also have the Cisco Press Study Guide for BCSI. But, this new CP book is a dam difficult read. Don't know why, Teare's CCDA book was great, but this book sucks. Still, I will finish it.

    I wouldn't recommend studying using only his study package. But I also wouldn't recommend NOT including it into your studies. It really is that good.
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    There was some dude in this forum which said that you after buying this package you would have access to a private forum or something like that in which you could ask questions to Bryan(i actually think this own) i mean if it true.... hehe
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    Yes you do have access to a private forum. Nightshade if you do have any questions that you want asked you can always message me and I can ask them on your behalf, although this forum has plenty of people who seem to be able to answer them as well. The Trainsignal stuff is the same as the study package just with the CBT stuff which is not included in the study pack. I am not sure if you get private forum access with the Trainsignal package maybe Optimus can confirm?
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    Is this package good???
    I might want to buy them and use the Videos to review what i have learn.... and use the workbook to practice stuff again dunno.... well actually the main purpuse for me will be having access and ask bryan lot of quetions hehe
    Just one last quetion... do you have unlimited access to that forum? i mean if you after you buy the package you have access it forever ?
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    I am currently using the new CCNP video and its great I really recommend it.
  • Aquabat [banned]Aquabat [banned] Inactive Imported Users Posts: 299
    i used his CCNA package, it was good, but if i didn't supplement it was lammle's book it would not have been enough. I tihnk definitly sign-up for his daily email questions, but about the forum, i have no idea, i never recived information about it after i bought the package
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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