CCSP 642-552 (SND)????

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Hello everybody.

I have not too much info about CCSP 642-552 (SND) and I am planning to go for Cisco exam

My ques is....Can i take CCSP 642-552 (SND) anytime or ist i have to pass any CISCO exam????

plz let me know...

thanks advance..


  • pr3d4t0rpr3d4t0r Member Posts: 173
    First you must pass CCNA. After that you are free to go anywhere :D
  • mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,090
    You can take the SND exam before the CCNA.

    You can take the Associate and Professional level exams in any sequence you want -- you just don't receive the Certification or Certificate until you've met all the prerequisites.

    You can find the exam information on the Cisco web site.

    It probably does make more sense to start with the CCNA.
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