I passed OS, but could have done better.

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I passed the Linear OS with an 865. I plassed the Core Hardware with a 900. I'm still quite pleased, but I think I could have done better.
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    Not much room for better... I think your scores are very good. Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    I recommend that nobody rely strictly on one source of information. Mike Meyer's A+ AIO is a good resource, but its not near complete. The resources I used in my tests are:

    Core Hardware:

    Mike Meyer's A+ AIO - Its the resource that you should start with.

    Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing PC's - Scott's books is a tome of all sorts of computer hardware information. The 14th edition even covers NTFS and FAT32.

    Upgrading and Repairing Networks - I've heard many people say that this book is nearly biblical in the Net+ exam.

    www.techexams.net - The practice exams on here tend to be most accurate and unambiguous. I've had plenty of other practice exams that were too ambiguous in thier questioning. The forums on here are probably the most professional and helpful I've been in.

    www.****.com - Best Tests are a good online test site as well. Highly recommend. (I only find the hard part of the OST to be inaccurate.)

    www.comptia.org - You should always go over the Objectives

    OS Technologies:

    A+ AIO

    Windows 95 Resource Kit - For OST, the Resource Kits are the best place to go for just information. These will also prove to be good for future use.

    Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit - (Read Win95 RK's entry)

    Windows 98 Unleashed - This book by SAMS publishing is a pretty comprehensive and no-nonsense approach to the different features of Win98

    Mastering Windows 2000 - Mark Minasi's book that has a lot of stuff about the usage and semantics of Win2k.

    Mastering Windows NT 4.0 Workstation - Ditto


    Microsoft KnowledgeBase - There is not enough room to post all the info I got from MS Itself.

    I once had many brothers and sisters...until my parents bought a sandbox.
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    I would have been totally satisfied with a score like that. You couldn't have done much better, in my book. Way to go!
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    congrats on getting certified.

    if you think you could have done better, try seeing if you can ace your next exam ;)
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    I pass OS with a score of 797 and i'm happy with that

    i will hang my new A+ certification soon

    show me the money :D

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    Congrats on that pass, so what are you gonna take next?
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