server2003 service pack2 problem

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hey guys...
I have installed windows server 2003 on pentium D processor having 256 MB RAM. I have just installed service pack2 on my server 2003. Now after installing when i restarted my system..a message is coming "unable to run the process due to shortage of memory". However I ca successfully login using safe mode. But same problem is coming when i tris it using diretory services mode. If anybody is having any idea, plz help me.



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    What service is it? Perhaps there is an incompatibility with the software while running Sp2. Perhaps there is a known issue with the service and sp2.
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    Do you have plenty of free HD space?

    After downloading SP2 you may be running out of space and when booting into normal mode your system needs more pagefile and just cannot create it.

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    but I have ot approximately 3 gb free space in C drive. well is there anything related to ram. i have got 256 MB ram .
    thanzx for reply bro
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