Entry Level IT Job in Networking

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Yes, Currently I am a Level II tech for a small VOIP provided. I defintely want to get more in depth with the networking carrer force. I know CCNA will always look good on a resume, but if you do not have any certs right now and just want a entry level job dealing with networking would my experience be enough? I have about a year experience and would like another IT job. Would the training I have now be enough? I basically know entry level help desk of configuring routers and networks to work with a ATA.


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    I think someone might take a chance on you, but do you think you might be able to advance in the company where you are currently employed? Sometimes it's easier due to the nature of some smaller companies to get more widespread experience because there are less people to fill those knowledge gaps. Depends on the company though.
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    No, the company I work for really sucks. See I started off as a customer service rep, but since I was exposed to some networking in the military they gave me a opportunity at Level II VOIP Tech which I love, but now they want me to focus primarily at customer service and those essential skills I was going to learn with the engineers "Linux, asterisk" etc., I cannot get anymore because they truly only see me as a Level II tech and that’s it. So, that’s why I want a different career and I will work on my certs during the time being.
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    Customer Service is a dead end if you are looking into getting into a more Technical Field. The key is building up your knowledge and experience...BTW, that company sounds like it blows...
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    I know it sounds stupid, but of all the certs I have delt with I recommend CompTIA I-Net+ first to people who are insterested in moving into more technical roles.

    It isn't very technical for the kind of people that usually post here, but it provides a fairly decent foundation to build on and almost all of the info covered is useful to know especially for people in technical support.

    There really isn't much use going after Cisco certs till you understand the technologies you are routing.


    Also, I don't think technical support is a dead end. It is actually a half decent way to get your foot in the door in IT because it exposes you to many different types of problems.

    Considering you are working with VoIP, it may be something you can use to your advantage.

    You don't have to rely on work to learn something as wide spread and well documented as Asterisk or Linux.

    You can probably install your own Asterisk Linux box at home and learn quite a bit.

    Your experience at work and a couple certs will get you an interview, your self study work at home will get you the job.
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