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Hello People,

I had been trying to read for the security+ exam but decided to go for the training. its a 4 day training, however they are using the microsoft official curriculum and the labs are also going to be specific to microsoft products and technology, Its mandatory for me to buy the book which is from microsoft press. I am already reading the sybex book,Just wanted to know if anyone has read the microsoft book and if its any good.



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    I had a look at it and discounted it as not covering the Comptia objectives better than about 60%, however friends who used it said that it was very good for their study. After missing on the exam due to Comptia not keeping to their own objective percentages I can certainly appreciate where they were coming from.
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    Sorry... no real comments on the Microsoft products... I've been using Sybex for the manual and Transcenders for the practice tests... this combination has worked for me 4 for 4, and I'm using the same sources for Server+ now.
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    Yes, I read some reviews on where people were saying that it covers only around 50% of the objectives. howevor, they do say the book is good with whatever content it has, I guess its ok, as long as I am learning properly, I think I will use the sybex book and the tcat pdf along with it so I canbe well prepared. The only problem i see is that if the bok only coversd 60% and the training is using the particular book that means I will just learn that percentage of knowledge from the training, Its the only one being done so far in kenya, so think I will just give it a shot,
    Thanks for the comments guys
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    I think there are two reasons to make the MS press book worth a look.

    1. MS has a czar on the Comptia Sec+ committee and we all know the weight MS has.

    2. Going by the experience of several different test takers the % of domain questions on the exam can swing wildly from what Comptia has advertised on their site. This swing can be attributed to them having very ill defined questions that really can not be placed correctly in any one category.
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    well, I checked the course details. Its the MOC course 2810. Fundamentals of Network Security and it has been designed specifically for Security+. The details are at:

    and its been approved by Comptia, which means it covers all objectives of the Security+ examination, the only thing is that tha labs are all specific to Microsoft products
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    ummm - no

    To be approved by comptia a book must have 2 different forms of dispensing information (script & diagrams or learning chapters and sample tests) and must cover around 60% of the objectives.

    Oh yes - you also have to pay comptia lots of money icon_wink.gif
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    BTW - as per my previous post I still think the MS book could be a worthwhile investment.

    Remember - an extra couple of books may costs you maybe $50 bucks, but to resit will cost you $200 - $500 depending on your locale.
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    Good point RussS, its never fun to have to resit, let alone shell out the extra money for a test you could have passed the first time.
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    And that's my personnal nightmare.

    I am kind of low on Security experience, but I have tons of Xp with PC's in general. A+ and Net+, I guess getting to MCSA can include Sec+ right?

    Hopefully I'll pass this one, too!

    PS: 60%?!?! CompTIA is really trying to get us to flunk as often as possible, no?
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    pass score is closer to 80%
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