lpi 102 in 11 hours

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Just wanted to let everyone know that im going under the gun in 11 hours to finish my Junior Linux Admin cert from LPIC. Im confident and well prepared. Taking the night easy, had dinner and a few drinks. Gonna get a good nights rest and then on the teesting center.

Ill have a little write up when i get off work tomorrow night.


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    Hey, best of luck to you on the exam.

    I think if you pass LPI 102 you should take the Linux+ while you are already on the subject and to review both of them for us.

    CompTIA took alot of criticism over XK0-001 (2001) being too easy and they made XK0-002 a little harder.

    I would be curious to hear a review from someone that took both LPI and Linux+.

    Let us know how you do.
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    Good luck seussx2!
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    Good Luck!
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  • seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Where's Waldo Finalist Member Posts: 629
    Once again a pleasant LPIC exam.

    I knew the material pretty well and the test was very straight forward. I studied by first reading the Sybex LPIC-1 Study guide. It was an easy read but did a good job following objectives and had alot of decent material. Additionally I did have 2 Debian and 1 Fedora box that i used to study on. I have been using Debian for a while but needed a redhat system because alot of the material covers redhat/fedora.

    I have setup and administered apache, bind, ftp, ntp, and ssh in the past so almost all of the material was familiar to me. Anything that i didnt have much experience with linux printing, NFS, SAMBA I did a little extra work and googled the topics.

    The test was all multiple choice and fill in the blank. There were no questions that caught me by surprise. I did however only score a 680 with 500 being the minimum passing mark. I thought i would have been closer to the 750 mark but without knowing the exact weight on the questions and so forth i couldnt be positive.

    Score breakdown:
    Kernal 80%
    Boot intialization, shutdown, runlevels 100
    Printing 33% <---only got 1 out of 3 questions right i think its what skewed my score
    Documentation 100%
    Shells, scripting, programming 100%
    Administrative tasks 80%
    Network Fundamentals 100%
    Network Services 88%
    Security 100%

    Over half the tests was the network fundamentals, network services, and administrative tastks.

    Post here or message me if anyone has any more specific questions.

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    I had to give up my LPIC-1 pursuit in favor of CCNA for the moment, (not to mention CCDA, finishing up MCSE: Security, and looking at MCITP,) but I'll get back on the horse soon enough. Big congrats on the pass, and good luck on your CCNA studies.

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