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I was playing around with my simulator while work is slow and I was configuring the frame-relay lab from the Tech-notes. Anyways just wanted to let anyone who cares know that the simulator doesn't have Frame-relay routes programmed into the application. What I thought was wierd though was that if you do a Frame-Relay route ? <enter> command, the sim will tell you that the next statement should be a DLCI. But when you complete the command:

frame-relay route 100 interface serial3 101

The sim will say "Invalid input dectected"
This is verbatim from the lab so I don't think I'm using the command incorrectly.
I was able to designate the router as a frame switch, set intf's as DCE, lmi type as ansi, clock rate, and encap. Just not the routes.

Also I created the topology from the Netmap wizard, so it isn't like I loaded a preconfigured topology into memory. I also have the latest updates to the Boson Sim and used the same routers as the lab. I'm sure there are more holes in the sim that I just haven't encountered yet.
Just another reason why real equipment can't be beat.

Has anyone else tried this lab with Boson?
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