Is there any discount for Lab.?

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Hello everyone?

Is there any discount for Lab. equipment from ciscokits if we are a TechExams' member?

I'm going to buy their dual router 3640 ($599.99) and a cisco switch 2950-12 by next month.

Thank you in advance for your replies.



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    Not that I know of. Are you only working on the CCNA? If so, you definitely don't need 3xxx series routers. A pair of 26xx series will do fine and save you a lot of money.

    I'd get a pair of 2600 routers, a 2950 switch, and a pair of cheap 2900 series switches on ebay (like $50 a piece of you shop around). You can get a significantly larger lab, like the one I described, for the same price, if you just scale down the equipment.
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  • 357357 Posts: 47Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks Paul for your reply.

    I need this lab. just in case I want to proceed to ccnp after my ccna recertification.
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