Phew just scrapped BSCI

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Just passed BSCI :D with 855 so not that great icon_sad.gif They nailed me on all the things that I did not really put that much time into studying icon_redface.gif . To be honest although I am happy that I passed I was not that happy with the test it did not really seem to go into the routing protocols that much it was mainly about multicast. The new CCNA felt a much better test in that it made you feel like you had achieved something kinda hard to explain it felt like much more of an achievement while this test had some really hard questions it also had sme really easy ones to.


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    Congratulations dude
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    Congratulations ! icon_cool.gif

    what's next ?
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    Next will to be have a break for a couple of days and then go back over the stuff I did not do so well on. Then I have a wedding to help plan and then once that is over it will be back onto BCMSN (-:
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    I thought the passing score for the BSCI was 750, is it 850 now?
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    Congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    who cares if you passed with 855! you passed! and thats all that matters :)
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    I admire the fact that you're choosing to review the things you didn't do so well on versus using a scorched earth policy and moving on.

    +1 to you.
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