ONT and QOS Together or No?

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This post is mainly directed at Mike or maybe even Darby if he happens to catch this. But anyone is more than welcome to join the conversation!

Basically, I just finished renewing CCNA after 6 years and doing CCDA for the first time. I used to be a WAN/Traditional Voice guy back in the States before I moved to Japan 5 years ago.

Having gotten a primer on VoIP and IP Telephony in CCDA, I have decided that my long-term eventual goals are CCIE in both R/S and Voice, which means I am going to do CCNP and CCVP this year.

Currently studying BSCI and considering the method and order that I do these certifications. Thinking about going back and forth and doing one test of CCNP, then one test of CCVP. Also gonna top it off with the ARCH exam for CCDP.

Noticing that ONT seems to be a baby QOS, I wonder if it would be better just to study for the QOS exam and just take both at the same time (like the same day or at least within the same week).

Any thoughts on why this would or would not be a good idea?

Just for your reference, I am considering doing it like this:


Any other thoughts or opinions on how I should approach this, please be my guest! Considering my background, I am also seriously considering finishing up CCIP as well once all this is done before I start tackling any of the CCIE level stuff.


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    I thought I had said somewhere that ONT does look like QOS Jr. icon_lol.gif

    If you add the Odom QoS book to your ONT study plan -- then you should be ready for both exams. You will save some study time by combining.

    CVOICE before ONT should also make ONT easier, and let you spend even more time on QOS.

    The sequence look fine -- but you might want to get the ARCH book and read the chapters in there that are related to other exams as you are studying for them. The only risk is that they might "update the exam" (and book) before you get to the ARCH exam. I read the DESGN book while studying for the CCNA and the ARCH book during the CCNP -- and then just reviewed my notes for the exams.

    The ARCH book chapters may be good for the high-level overview of the topics..... but if you're serious about the CCIE in the future, you may also want to start your "first read" of Doyle while doing the CCNP.
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