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I have had a few phone interivews & face to face interviews in the last month. So far no luck though icon_sad.gif But I am finding that almost every interview I am having I am being asked the same question, "Oh so you work for xyz company, how much is your current salary?" Personally I HATE having to answer this question. As I feel its none of their business how much my current employer is paying me. Is there a way to answer this question without saying my salary and sounding like a complete ****?
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    Most likely they are trying to figure out how much money you are looking for with them, or they could be doing it just to get an idea of what market rates are for your area.

    You could always give them some line about your current company preferring you not disclose your salary with them, and respond by giving a ballpark figure of what you are looking for with them (this is the information they may be after anyway, so you didn't really avoid the question).

    You could also say something like "The position I am in is really more of a stepping stone, and I have achieved XXX, so I am generally looking for something in a higher pay range"

    This tells them you are underpaid now, but avoids spelling it out with numbers and sends the message that you are looking for more than just 10% over your current crappy pay.

    Also, if they come out and ask you what you are looking for and you don't want to be the first person to drop a number, you can always say something like "I know it depends on prior experience, but what typically is a ballpark pay range for this type of position in your company?"

    This is good because if the job did pay $45G and you say you are looking for $35G, you are going to get $35G.

    It makes it real hard to turn down an offer for $50G to negotiate $55G if you told them in the interview you are making $9/hour, but you probably know that already or you wouldn't have asked :)
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    Great advice. It'll be nice to keep that in the back of my mind if I'm ever in that situation. Thanks.
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    This is the ugly part of any interview and most people have issues with how to deal with this. (it does however, show you are almost in there!) The "How much are you currently earning" is the first way into the barterring dialog and the "what sort of salary are you looking for" is another.

    It is very important to be confident in your worth and abilities at this moment and not show weakness. I am not saying ask for the moon. I am also not saying state what you have worked out you can just about live on just to get the job.

    If there was a salary mentioned in the advertisement, your laughing as you can simply quote this unless you are a bit of player and want to haggle for more. If there has been no mention of salary on your way to the interview, look at what the going rate is and quote that but do not say "thats the going rate". That then gives them room to manouver downwards based on their negative view of your resume and any minor hiccups you had at interview.

    Until recently, I had been working as a contractor for the last four years where the wages are higher simply because they can let you go at any time. In permanent employment, I would go for less. I recently had an interview and quoted my maximum possible salary as a contractor as my current earnings ( I never said I was earning that nor did I say as a contractor). I said it very matter of factly but very confidently. As a result, that figure got beaten by a few K in my new permanent position (by the time they have asked you this question, they have usually decided they want to hire you). However, I now find myself working alongside people on a lot less than me and salary is a topic of conversation to keep clear of in the office.
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