MCSA - messenging or secuirty or NONE??

Hi Guys,

I took my 291 today and passed with a 780. I now have 270,290 and now 291 under my belt.
So i only need one more exam to get my MCSA?

Now i pretty sure i need an elective as my last exam and the two most popular ones seem to be messaging or secuirty.

I've heard others talk just about an MSCA but i dont think its possible, is it? Wouldnt you always have to be an MCSAicon_sad.gifelective)

I guess i need a run down on whats required and what is easiest to get?

Over to you guys......


  • tibultibul Member Posts: 240
    yes you can just get the MCSA 2003 cert by just passing one of the electives listed here

    Or you can take an messeging exam which would make you an MCSA in messeging, if you wanted the security side you would need to pass 1 more additional exam on top of the normal 4, it depends really what your interested in most personally i like the security side of things so im going for the security electives.

    the MS site is full of all the details you need to discover what exams to pass for what specilization. icon_wink.gif
    Studying 70-292.
    Aiming for MCSA: Security and 2003 upgrade.
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