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Hi eveyone

i need some advice regarding the MCSA im taking. im taking this course with a training company called uk IT training and wish i never did because they have been no help at all. the training classes i find are no help at all. do you think it is best for be to use my own matireal and study myself ?
i just want to get into full time work asap.also is it best for to complete my network + and try finding a job as i have no experence using win 2003 sever and nt is it best to build experence using these OS's before taking the ms exams.

Thanks in advance

Qurrent qualifications EDCL, A+


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    First, make sure that you want to work in IT. You may not like working in it, no matter what you do. In that case, you may have an MCSA, when you should have been getting an MBA at university.

    It is always best to have some experience. Start seeking employment right now, if you are not already doing it. Most beginners, are going to start at a Servicedesk or Helpdesk position. Then, most of the eager ones will do well--just keep practicing and learning. You won't get all of the experience you should have by just working a job.

    Then, if you want MCSA, don't be too concerned about the elective(A+, Network+ combination), but get on with the Microsoft systems studies. Hands-on using the Microsoft evaluation versions on your home PCs, will help with understanding the material a lot. These versions come with the MS Self-Paced Training Kit manuals. You can complete the elective the last thing.

    These are some things to consider. Good luck![/i]
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    Definatley try and find a job in IT, experience is needed for any certification. MS Exams are not easy from what I've been told, and what I've seen in Practice Exams. Also for some hands on experince i recommend setting up some type of home lab and practicing that way. Network+ can be beneficial for you as it could be used as an elective with A+ for your MCSA. Hope this helps! and Good luck to you
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