Stupid question

Hi everyone

I was wondering if i take the 070-620 exam, do i receive a nice new cert, because i just did 070-290 and don´t receive a mcp cert cause i received one for my 070-270 exam.


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    pllegendspllegends Member Posts: 48 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yes, you get a new cert . it is called Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, Vista Configuration.
    It is not a required exam for the MCSE/MCSA, it is considered an elective in those exams.
    You will not get another cert until you do the 70-291 because then you will have four exams completed (70-270,70-291,70-290, and 70-620) That is enough to make you an MCSA, Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Good Luck!!

    Microsoft is not changing the MCSA/MCSE but it is changing how it gives the MCP. The MCP did not really say what you know how to do so the NEW exams will begin replacing it to show in the name of what you specilaize in.
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