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I passed today with a score of 860. I feel pleased.

I used the Exam Cram, Exam Prep, and Microsoft study guides. Many people speak positively about the Microsoft study guide but I felt very frustrated and annoyed with it. I preferred the Exam Cram and Exam Prep books. The Exam Prep book was the best one to me. It was the most readable (if you will). The Microsoft book seemed difficult to follow and my mind wandered a lot. The Exam Prep book was more of a grabber (relatively speaking of course, it wasn't quite as compelling as Harry Potter but was sure a lot more accessible than the Microsoft book).

WSUS and DNS were the most heavily covered topics. There were several questions about IIS security that surprised me.

There were some questions that I don't see how anyone could prepare for. There were some fairly easy questions too though.

It was a difficult test. Near the end my mind didn't want to begin reading the questions. Many of the questions were very long.

Good luck with your test.


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