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Hi eveyone

i need some advice im looking to become a computer tech my querrent qualifications are EDCL,A+,Network+ . do you think these qualifiacations are enough or could you suggest any other qualfications i can take. looking to build some experence before taking ms exams

Thanks in advanced



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    The Microsoft certification exams really have nothing to do with being a computer technician along the lines of the A+ cert. They are more about how to build, configure, and maintain Microsoft systems using Microsoft technology. If you are looking at the MCSA/MCSE track, you should look into the possibility of getting a network tech job at a Microsoft shop.

    If you do get a computer tech job, make sure that it's at a place where you can also learn about Microsoft enterprise technology. You don't want to end up as a computer tech at Best Buy where you will spend your days just upgrading PC hard drives and memory and learning little else.
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