Greetings. Getting MCSE + MCDBA.

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Hello forum.
I'm on my way to get MCSE and MCDBA.
Currently I'm going to PC Training School and we already went trough 5 books. 70-297 and 70-228, 70-229 left. So pretty much I'm browsing around for information about whole certification process.

Situation is that I never had any XP with Server or Databases, but I do have lots of experience with home computes and home computers repair + hardware wizz. (Used to work with home computers for 10 years).
Not a long time ago I found out that it's pretty hard to find a good job. :) There is many hardware and home PC guys, who don't have a deep knowledge but they still can do their job and can work for $10 an hour. And many places ask for Active Directory and stuff... So I decided to take a step in to MS Server and DBA administration...

I'll be sharing my experience and thoughts since I can't find many people who came in to certification process w/o server 2003 knowledge. For me, it would be interesting to read opinions of those people who took exams w/o real life experience.

So far, I'm not impressed with my school - most of the stuff I know - I learned at home and if you still thinking if you want to go to school or not, I would suggest that you won't. You can learn everything at home reading books and using Virtual PC. Probably you can make a list with all your questions and get someone at the craigslist who can explain some moments to you (you will save a big dollar comparing to what you pay in school). We use MSPress books in School + one PC w/o any special hardware.

I'm planning finishing my school and go trough each book again and take a test right after that. Probably I'll start in July.

I'll try to make a list with all steps I took and hope it will help someone without experience win Active Directory and DBA later...

I will also browse trough forum and I hope to find some information that will help me.


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    I think it's great. But let me share a story with all of you that explains the "Book Smart" MSCE's out there.

    I've been in the IT world for about 5 years in a few different positions but mostly Network Analyst/Consultant.

    I did college in 2 steps. i decided to go to a tech school to get my AAS in computer science where we studied all the Windows 2000 MCSE courses and had the ability to take the exam after the class. I made the decision to continue college and went on to a University and got my BS degree in computer science and did not get my MCSE in 2000.

    Anyway, A girl i knew that was in just about every class with me knew nothing about networking and even little about computers. She was actually really not knowledgeable at all in the computer world. Even with that she was able to read the book and pass the exams. (I found out later her boyfriend showed her how to use braindumps) Non-the-less she got her MCSE before I even had my first MCP in 2000. I was a little annoyed because i knew she knew nothing and was always asking me ridiculas questions.

    Well i went on to get my BS and she went into the job field. I still only had one MS exam under my belt at the time I graduated with my BS. She had an MSCE. One day I went to visit a friend that was a tech lead at the major ISP in our area. I saw that she was working there. I said what does she do? He answered "She's customer support." I asked how long she worked there and he said 2 years. Pretty much the whole time I was getting my BS she was working there and not advanced beyond simple ISP support. She was help desk for an Internet company. I asked how much they make and he said between $8 and $12 an hour.

    I got a job there a few weeks later without my MCSE but with 2 degrees and the knowledge of networking as I knew what I was talking about. I started out as NOC intern and within 2 months was a full time NOC operator making $20 an hour. I stayed there for about a year and a half to get experience and moved on. I have a much better position with a great company and was asked to take time off to get my MCSE and MCDBA for 2003. So that's what I'm doing. Just got my MCSA this morning...YEA!

    So my point was that an MCSE without the experience will get you a job, but not a career and definitely not a great job if you don't know your stuff.

    A degree and knowledge is much more important than a self studied MCSE unless you reall know your stuff.

    Just thought I’d share a story about this stuff.

    Also, I see MCI's all day long. (Microsoft Certified Idiots) That's what I have been calling them lately anyway. These are the braindump MCSE's i see every day just about. they make us all look bad.

    I'm not saying this is you or anything, just telling a story about "book MCSE's" I know you said you are going to school. All i'm doing is talking things I see all the time. Keep going to school. learn all you can and do it the right way and before you know it you will be a success. best of luck...

    I say if you know your stuff do it. But nothing beats college because the right company will pay for you to get your certs if they feel you need them.
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