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So I had this guy come round from a well know training body to talk to me about my proposed career change to IT.

After a chat he steered me towards the MCSE (flow chart attached).

Now, what I want to do is leave the field of work i am in, which is Insurance/customer service. My ideal starting job will be a guy, who sits in the it room and fixes pc's if they break for a company. This has steered me towards the MCSA (flow chart attached for this one too).

Now, being a firm believer in 2 heads are better than 1 and after being quoted the price for the courses (start at £4k and the MCSE is £4700)! the section head of IT at my current company recommended this site.

Heres my plan. I am going to get the study material and coursebook etc etc for the MCSA, study it (obviously) nd pay for the exam entry myself. This, I believe will saved me about £4k.

Once obtained i then get myself THAT job I described and once in, I assume you will learn the trade very very quickly and I can then use that xp to eventually gain the MCSE (the company I end up with might even fund it you never know).

So, Questions.

Where do I get the study material from (is windows 2003 study material the same as the xp one only with a glossier cover I wonder what the vista folder will be like just a blank cover with a big button icon on it that says open)

Where do I start. Obviously the benifits of the course is the structure of the study ie you would open the folder and it would say welcome etc etc this is a computer. WIthout the course im a little lost as to where to start. I have seen some study material links on here which looks promising such as

So, MCSA to start, study materail required (structured) and 12 - 14 months before I, hopefully jump ship and start my career in IT.

I await anyones posts in anticipation.

Toodle pip.

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