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Ive decided to take the net+ whilst working on my part time study of CCNA for another networking related certificate. Just about finished the first semester of CCNA and did a few practice exams on the net+ and am getting about 60-70% each time mainly because there does seem to be a few topics not on the CCNA....IPX for example.

Whats the pass rate and could you recommend a book.....

Thanks for your time....


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    Check out this page for net+ exam info:
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    Im currently studying for my N+ and I just finished reading the Mike Meyers All-In-One book. I thought it read very easily. Not only that, I am taking Transcenders, tech notes off of this side, as well as the practice tests on here. :)
    Thats what I am using.
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    I used the sybex network+ book. It is boring but I got a 860 on my test so I cant complain too much. O and fail is a 646
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    If you read and understand Sybex you should be good to go. Also doing some Trancenders practice exams wouldn't hurt.

    Nice BSC.... I have one too, but mine isn't for swimming. icon_jokercolor.gif
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