problem with setting up profiles and homedirs

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I'm looking for the right procedure to implement roaming profiles and homedirs.
Currently i set up a home test lab with a server and a client

I made a script that creates my OU's and users.
Now when it creates the users, it grabs the data from an excel spreadsheet.
I also included a line in this script that automatically sets the path to the profile and the homedir
(\\server\userData\homes$ and \\server\userData\profiles$)
I shared these two folders (share permissions - read)

1) Do these folders need everyone - Change share permission?
2) Do they need any NTFS permissions ?

Now i want to use these account, so logon from a client with a random user account
What i thought would happen is, the user profiles gets created and gets copied to the profiles folder on the server, same for the homedir (create a folder on the server for the user and map the drive on the client).

Now when i logon from the client this goes very slow, too slow i think, keeps saying applying personel ....
So is there something wrong with the way i set it up ? If so, what am i doing wrong ?

Thanx in advance everyone.


  • GeorgeMcFly22GeorgeMcFly22 Member Posts: 109
    You need to give the Change share permission, otherwise no user profile can be created.
    Do you want to share the same profile for every user?
    Then you got to set ntfs permissions too, otherwise only the user who did the first logon would be able to use this profile.
  • OpiOpi Member Posts: 127
    ok i thought so ,

    no every user got his own folder, i used the %username% variable
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