Management OU ?

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I dont see a Management OU folder within the Acitive Directory Users and Computers Why?

How can I install it? I am using windows 2003 server (standard, with service pack 2).

i am studying for the 70-209 exam with video but i cant follow along because the instruction tell me to right click the Management OU and then click New folder and then User but there is not such thing.

(The management OU you looks like a folder with another icon folder on it)

Please help


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    I am guessing they want you to create the Management OU, as there is no default OU by that name in AD. Simply right click where ever you want to create it (put it in the same parent directory as in the video, probably in the root of the domain) select New>Organizational Unit and follow the prompts.

    Might have to select All Tasks>New>Organizational Unit.
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    yea thats probably it :)
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    I also will have to agree. Sometimes videos assume too much and then it throws people off.
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