Help me traverse another relm!!! Please

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Alright so I've been thinking..... I need to get more flexible in regards to System OS characteristics and operating systems kernel. I have a big challenge though!!..I am strictly a windows guy.

I want the Linux+ cert to add to my "cabinet of goodies" because i think it'll prove and show employers and other I.T associates that I am a little more flexible in systems OS and networking. But most of all, I need to know about Linux, i really do.

Like i said earlier I have no knowledge on any of the distros although i will get to install ubuntu today i really, really need help in getting more knowledge on linux for this cert.

I dont want to be like a specialist but I will like to have good coverage of the basics and really enough to take and pass the exam with a very good score because I always would like to teach the course one you believe that??

So PLEASE!!!!!! If anybody's out there who could help me start from scratch with this I will really really appreciate it.

I want this cert so much!!!
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    I was/am in a similiar situation. When I went back to school a few years ago to complete an Associates degree, one of the required was Unix administration. The class used Linux and the text for the class covered a lot of the objectives for the Linux+ exam. After the class I used the text and the sybex book to prep for the test.

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    Check out this thread for a similar question, that should be able to provide you with some answers.

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