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Let me start from the beginning, currently I'm heading for graduation this fall in December. I'm mostly interested in gaining knowledge and experience in networking, although when I do graduate i want to have the option to do more. So while i study for my CCNA i was looking for an MS cert to study as well that will benefit me the most for knowledge...I currently run a home lab of 2 server 2k3 and 2 clients and have basic understanding of how to set up a domain, dhcp, dns(automated with the install of a domain), and other basic functions.

So pretty much my question is what will be the most beneficial exam to study for and obtain in this time period..I do plan to gain an MCSA at on point. but with graduation approaching and i really want out of my current job by then i want to be able to preform in systems admin as well as networking. Any advice would be greatly thoughts would be the 70-290 exam obviously...let me know though


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    It really depends what you want to do work wise.

    Networking head towards cisco certs.

    Clients / Servers head towards MS certs.

    You need to take a look at what interests you most first and go with this.

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    Judging by what you said you wanted to do, I'd say stick to the path you're one. You've already got the foundations in the A+ and Network+, and if you're looking at MCSA after getting your CCNA, then you've got a nice, wide array of knowledge. I'd also recommend looking into a little bit of the Unix/Linux world, like maybe Linux+, if you're looking to show that you've got a lot of skills under your belt. Also, LPIC certifcation may not be a bad idea, if you want to step up from having just the CompTIA cert, like you're doing with Windows systems administration and with networking, in the MCSA and CCNA. The Security+ will serve you well, on top of your current and planned certs, giving you a little bit more than 'just' the other MCSA's and CCNA's out there.

    Once you've got your mid-level certs in place, look for what interests you. At that point, you'll have enough training and experience to do just about anything. You may want to think about either pushing towards the full MCSE, or maybe looking at the MCITP certication(s) for Longhorn, once they come out. You might want to move on to doing CCNP, or maybe climb the ranks in Unix/Linux certiciations, or maybe even pursue something security-related, like C|EH or CISSP. Whatever you choose to specialize in, it's important to have a strong foundation, like the one you're building with MCSA and CCNA.

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    Thanks guys mainly i do know that i want to be in networking, but would like to keep the options open if i have the opportunity to do some sys admin work. 290 seems to be a good place to start.
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