Subnetting question

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Please help me figure out this scenario and see if I'm getting it.

Say you have 2 subnets, A and B.
A has 200 hosts on network
B has 200 hosts on network
You need to add 200 hosts to subnet A and no new routers. Your ISP gives you more addresses in the range Determine each subnet's cidr or whatever they call that.

So am I right in thinking subnet A needs 2^9 hosts=512-2=510 hosts to cover the 400 required, and subnet B needs 2^8=256-2=254 hosts?

So Subnet A would be as has 23 bits for the network id and 9 for the hosts (2^9), and the ip range would be to (255 hosts in the 131.15.10 range and 255 in the 131.15.11 range=510 host ip's).

And Subnet B would be as has 24 bits for the network id and 8 for the hosts.
And the ip range would be to

Am I figuring this out correctly? Please help. icon_eek.gif


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    Looks good.
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