I need sites on trouble soothing and net works.

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I need sites on trouble soothing and net works. If you can pleas send theme to me thank you.
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    One of the best sites for troubleshooting networks is Cisco.com. but you will find the site is very large because the network is diveded into seven layer of the OSI model. You should first try and fine out what layer your problem may reside in. layer one is physical check all your cables and connectors make sure they are seated well and all cable are in working condition. Layer two is data link which works on mac address if you have a PC that is not connecting you may need to replace the NIC card or update drivers, if you have layer two switches make sure they are seeing all mac address of connected PC and servers, and check for IOS upgrades from the manufactor. Later three is network whice is very complecated if you have a router malfunction or cannot connect through the WAN you may need to contact the vendor for tech support, or your local phone company to check the DLCI numbers and equipment. I hope this is helpful have a nice day
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