BootP and migrate dhcp option with netsh

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I have a question about the bootP forwarding and netsh dhcp.

Alrite, here is my question. If I enable the bootp forwarding on my router, do I also have to enable the BOOTP option in DHCP server as well??? Under the properties of each scope, advance sheet, you will see few options about "assign Ip address dynamtically to clients of either dhcp, bootp or both". Do i need to enable bootp option here if i have enabled bootp in the router??? I have never played around this because my router doesnt' even have bootp yet dhcp relay agent. Sorry if this is a **** question.

2nd question, what's up with the netsh command for migration of dhcp settings? can't we just use backup and restore in the dhcp console? just get a little bit confused. can you please show some scenarios which options we should use?

Trying to kill my beast soon. Your great is appreciated.
Thank you so much.
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