70-291 Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure nightmare

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I am taking exam 70-291 Windows 2003 Network Infrastructure for the third time this Saturday. The first time I took it I score 650. I took again last Saturday and scored 636. I seem to be struggling with DNS questions. I am using Transcender for test questions and the Microsoft press second edition book for preparation.

Any insight on how to conquer this beast will be greatly appreciated


  • straightflopstraightflop Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I know a few people that failed this their first 2 times and they were smart people that knew their stuff.

    I would say it sounds like you may want to use a different study material. I like CBT Nuggets.
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    This exam you really need alot of hands on to enforce your learning - Make sure you setup a few Servers and a Client to practice your labs. If you dont have a few old sh*t boxes lying around you can use VMware.

    The MS study guide and Transcender are fine for this exam.

    Good luck
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    Know what tools and counters to use to monitor different things. Know how to set up WSUS servers in different scenarios - download and play with the menus. Get very familiar with the menus in DNS console, DHCP, RRAS, IPSec, IIS. Play around with AD and Group Policy and get your eyes used to the menus and interfaces. There are tons of questions testing your knowledge of what options you find and where. While doing practice tests are great at testing your knowledge, you have to be hands-on with the operating system to get a visual in your head of where to go to configure different things.
    Good luck!!!
  • KenendeleyKenendeley Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I finally nailed the beast. straightflop as you suggested, the CBT Nuggets were very helpful. Next is Exam 70-294
  • JdotQJdotQ Member Posts: 230
    Congrats -- what was your score? Glad you found CBT Nuggets helpful, as I'm using them to study too :)
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    Congrats! Good luck with 70-294.
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    Nice job. 291 is a devil. You definitely have boasting privileges for a while. But keep on chugging while the content is fresh in your mind.

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    I'd like to make a suggestion that you do the 70-293 before 70-294. The reason being, is the the 70-293 is mostly overlap from the 70-291 except for a few additions. These additions include topics such as Clustering, Network Load Balancing, PKI/Certificates, etc.
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