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I just signed up for the A+ HW & OS exams. When I signed up, I noticed there were tests ranging from 301, 302 and 601 up to 604. My vouchers are for 301 & 302. Does anyone know the differences in these exams? I was under the assumption that the A+ exam was only one exam.


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    The 6xx exams are part of the 2006 objectives for A+ certification, if your voucher is specifically for the 3xx exams which is part of the 2003 objectives (about to be phased out soon), then you have to register for the '03 objectives.

    Are those VUE or prometric vouchers? Call them to see if you can use it for 2006 objectives instead, maybe you would choose to write the newer objectives if you could use it for that.

    new (2006): http://certification.comptia.org/a/default.aspx
    update information: http://certification.comptia.org/a/New_A_Calendar.aspx

    A+ resources (both 2003 & 2006): http://certification.comptia.org/resources/find_materials.aspx
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    Thanks for your reply.

    No, the vouchers are only good for those two exams only. Had I known prior to taking the A+ class w/2003 information that a new class was out already, I would have chosen the newer information of course. This was not information the school gave any of us prior to signing up for the class.

    I do plan on taking CCNA coming up in July. Any advise for preparing for that exam?
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    It's not necessarily a "bad thing" to be certifying on 2003 objectives, as long as you study hard, write and pass the exams to be certified as well as keep up to date with the new technologies that are available in computer hardware & software, your A+ despite the older objectives is not meaningless.

    As for CCNA, this exam is so widely talked about, both online and offline, in digital, printed, and verbal form that you could probably read and read until the cows come home.

    For now and until you've passed at least 1 of the 2 A+ exams, I wouldnt recommend even touching any CCNA materials, if and when you're ready for something in the Cisco world, I'm sure others here will start to tag their comments to any of your posts. For future reference, here's something to start with:


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    Thank you for all the information. That will definately come in handy. I'll be taking both the A+ exams on the 17th of this month. I'm only taking them on the same day because of how far I have to travel to get there. Plus, just in case I do not pass one, I am assuming I'll need to take it again the very next week, as it probably will not be offered in June. At least that is what I have been hearing.

    Wish me luck.
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    Best wishes,

    don't forget to come back and let us know the news.
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